BA Intervention Services

Projects often fail due to inadequate requirements or context loss during systems development lifecycle.
Project success is directly linked to the depth of knowledge and breadth of application of key role-players within the system development lifecycle.  Business Analysts, as key role players,  are supposed to serve as the vehicle for change, a business support function with the focus on benefits management, a continuous process of identifying new opportunities, envisioning results, and dynamically adjusting the path leading from investments to business results, whether it be through organisational change, process change or technology change.


Are your business analysts facilitating this role or are they only used to elicit and document business requirements? 

Procentrica offers business analysis intervention services to help organisations achieve more with Business Analysis resources...


Our program focuses on expanding the competencies, skills, and knowledge of business analysts to truly and effectively fill the gap between business and technology

  • Expand technical knowledge

  • Improve ability to analyse the

       business environment

  • Enhance understanding

       of user behaviour

  • Enable the BA to drive

       requirements throughout the

       systems development lifecycle

  • Mitigate context loss  during 

       the delivery lifecycle